Since 2006 South Delta Midwifery has been providing full scope midwifery services to local parents. Nearly 1,000 Delta and Richmond babies have been welcomed to the world and into our midwives hands. South Delta Midwifery offers a caring, professional and personal service to the families of this area.

Prenatal visits are in our office in Ladner, as are postpartum visits after 2 weeks. For the first week or two after birth we will visit you in your home. As a rule of thumb - if you can make it to the mall - you can come and see us in the office!! Visits are around 45 mins, taking longer or shorter as you need. You are welcome to have anyone you choose with you – partners often have many questions to ask!


To begin with we will meet every 4-5 weeks, but as your pregnancy progresses this will increase to every 2-3 weeks, then weekly after 36 weeks.If you choose hospital birth we will come to assess you at home, and when your labour is established will accompany you into hospital for the birth.


For hospital birth there will be a nurse to help in the last stage of labour. We will stay with you for up to 2 hours after the birth, and then see you the next day either in the hospital or at home. Many midwifery clients choose to have early discharge knowing that there will be home visits and breastfeeding help available.

For homebirths a second midwife will come near the time of birth to help out and provide extra hands in the case of any emergency. Although seldom used, we come prepared with emergency equipment for both mother and baby, and are fully trained in emergency procedures. Luckily though the second midwife is usually only there to help with the paper work and clearing up! Your care continues for 6 weeks after the baby is born at which time your care is passed back to your family doctor.

You may birth wherever you feel most comfortable – home or hospital. For a very few women home birth may not be the safest option (please refer to the College of Midwives of BC website for scope of practice and reasons for transfer to hospital), however we believe that on the whole women will labour best where they feel most secure and safe.


South Delta Midwifery offers a caring, professional and personal service to the families of this area.

Opening hours

Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm


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