Joanna Siddall
with South Delta Midwifery from 18th August to 1st September 2018


My name is Joanna, I am a student midwife studying at the University of Surrey in Guildford. I am 20 years old and start my third and final year of training in September. My family home is in Leicester with my Mum and Dad. I also have an older brother called Chris, who works for Sky Sports News in London and an older sister called Nikki who is studying Law at Nottingham Trent University.


I love travelling abroad and especially love to visit our apartment in Spain. I enjoy the theatre, shopping and socialising and like to walk with my two dogs Maisie and Ruby, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Cavapoo.


During the second year of Midwifery training, we are given the opportunity to work in an area of our choice and I wanted to choose Canada. I look forward to experiencing how midwifery is practiced here in Canada and am excited to explore a new place.

Kerry Harris - Locum Midwife

My name is Kerry Harris and I am very excited to be filling in for Rachelle and Jenny this summer at South Delta Midwifery! I have been working as a Registered Midwife in BC since 2014. I graduated from the Ontario Midwifery Education Program at McMaster University in Hamilton, ON.

I am originally from Winnipeg where I completed a Bachelor of Science in Zoology and Botany at the University of Manitoba. My decision to pursue midwifery came from an interest in healthcare, especially pregnancy and birth, as well as the belief that clients should be the primary decision makers in their own care. I completed CAPPA’s doula training in Winnipeg and

attended my first births as a doula.

When I’m not busy catching babies I enjoy cooking, knitting, practicing yoga, reading and travelling to new places. I am truly loving living on the west coast. I’m looking forward to meeting and caring for all of the clients and families at South Delta!

Johanna Lee
with South Delta midwifery from 25th September to 1st December 2017

My name is Johanna Lee and I’m currently in my 2nd year of the Midwifery Program at UBC. I am incredibly excited to be learning from Jenny Emerson and the rest of the talented midwives at South Delta Midwifery. As a second year student, this will be my first experience in a clinical environment, however I have had the privilege of supporting families as a birth doula in Victoria, BC.

I am deeply grateful for the invitation to be involved in the pregnancy and birth experiences of the South Delta Midwifery families I will work with this fall. It is an honour and a privilege to walk beside you and learn from you during this incredibly important time in your lives.

My passion for supporting families manifested at an early age as an interest in child care and early child development. By the time I left for college, this passion had morphed into a broader interest in families and the environments they live in, which led me to obtain a degree in Environmental Studies. A few years after graduating, I discovered the passion for birth that had always been with me and it has bloomed into this tremendous and awe-inspiring journey of becoming a midwife. Through this humbling work, I have found my place in supporting and caring for other people on their own paths. I am fiercely committed to informed choice, evidence based practice, and client-centered care.
When I am not engrossed in learning, researching, and studying about this amazing thing we call pregnancy and birth, I can be found spending time with my family, friends and dogs, playing my guitar, enjoying being active outside and catching up on my favourite TV shows.

Jessica Knowles - 2nd year Midwifery Student

with South Delta Midwifery from 17th January to 24th March  2017

I come to midwifery from a creative background. I completed a BFA in writing from the University of Victoria, where loved collaborating creatively with other people. I went on to own a film company that made social justice documentaries. I have found my passion to be in providing holistic health care that focuses on the needs of underserved communities.I am thrilled to be starting my practicums and beginning my midwifery journey.

Emma Pitman
with South Delta Midwifery from September to December 2016

My passion for women's health rights and fascination with childbirth brought me to the privileged position of being a student midwife. I am thrilled to continue practicing and expanding my skills and knowledge with the families and midwives at South Delta Midwifery.

Before beginning my midwifery journey I worked many jobs including customer service, childcare, and support worker while completing a BA in cultural anthropology. My studies granted me insight into the many ways people in cultures around the world live their lives, view the human body, and care for women and their families. This background continues to fuel my desire to understand how health is shaped by culture and society as well as to provide culturally competent care.

When my midwifery books are not calling you can find me outside cycling and hiking or with friends, crafting, baking, cooking, and gardening.

The West Kootenays are where I was born and raised until moving to Vancouver Island for University. I am looking forward to exploring more B.C. communities and working with the unique families within them. I view pregnancy and childbirth as normal, healthy, yet significant life events that require holistic support, encouragement and compassion. I am very thankful to the families I will be working with and learning from!


Opening hours

Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm


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