Dear South Delta Community, 

After 13 amazing years and >1200 births South Delta Midwifery is closing in September 2019.

Thank you for the privilege of including us in this very special time in your lives, it has been an absolute pleasure to witness the birth of so many families.

All clients currently in care with us will continue to have full midwifery services from South Delta Midwives.

We hope you will join us for a farewell party in late June or early July - please stay tuned for details.

Please note that we are not taking any new clients.
If you are interested in midwifery care please do touch base with our colleagues:

Terra Nova Midwifery (Richmond) 

Blossom Birth Program (Richmond)

Birth and Beyond Midwives (Vancouver) 

Semiahmoo Midwives (Surrey) 

Haven Midwives (Cloverdale) 

Ostara Midwives (Whiterock) 

Surrey Mama Midwifery (Surrey) 

Community Birth Program (Surrey) 

For our current clients before are a few questions & answers:​

Q:            Will you still be providing my primary care for the duration of this pregnancy?

A:            Yes.  There will be no change in your care being provided by South Delta Midwifery.


Q:            If I’m planning a home birth will I still be able to have one?

A:            Yes.  The practice closing does not affect your choice of a home birth so long as your Midwife still

                feel this option is appropriate.


Q:            Will I still have home visits for the first week when my baby is born?
A:            Yes.  This service will still be provided.


Q:            What about my post partum care?
A:            We will be providing your post partum care up until your discharge appointment.

Kind regards,


Jane and Alix

(Practice Owners)

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November 2017

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